Martech Stack

Your Martech Stack is Built Like a House

ORM Technologies Marketing

Marketing operations have changed dramatically in the last several years. The Marketing Technology Stack (which has been appropriately shortened to “Martech stack”) now dominates time and investment for marketers. Vendors offering all kinds of goodies to marketers have increased by over 3000% since 2011. It can be hard to identify what …

What Are Optimized Analytics?

Pete Furseth Sales

There is a lot of buzz around big data and data analytics. Typically these terms imply that someone, or some computer, is trying to detect patterns in, or creating information from, a company’s data. There are a lot of definitions floating around, but none that truly capture the integrated approach …

Why You Missed Your Sales Forecast

Pete Furseth Sales

The Quarter Ended – How was your forecast? During the first week of every quarter, sales leaders huddle together to make a sales forecast for the next three months. The problem is that 80% of businesses will end up missing their forecast by greater than 10%. That means most of …