quarterly business review

6 Metrics to Review in Your QBR

Pete Furseth Sales

We’re approaching the end of the year and of the fourth quarter. Start preparing for your quarterly business review now and lookout for a few things. Expectations and reality don’t always align, and it’s impossible to meet 100% of quotas 100% of the time. Understanding six key metrics will help …

marketing analytics

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Marketing Analytics

Pete Furseth Marketing

The problem with marketing is perception. People perceive it as a field that relies only on creativity, gut-feeling, and intuition. However, marketing analytics provide us with perfectly reasoned decisions that evolve with your business. There’s nothing better than numbers to generate budget allocations from your CFO and Executive team. Pay …

data-driven marketer

3 Ways to be a Data-Driven Marketer

Pete Furseth Marketing

Our world functions under constant information overload. As a marketer, you’ve never had more data at your fingertips. There’s no telling what’s left or right, and up or down. The amount of information gleaned from customer activity easily overwhelms the uninformed viewer; thus, a successful data-driven marketer knows how to …