Optimized Marketing


Invest your marketing dollars in the right campaign combinations – the ones you know will work.

ORM is the only Predictive Revenue Analytics platform that connects data from all of your go-to-market systems to define your customer journey, analyze campaign results, and predict your next best action.

Seamless Integration With Your MAP
(Marketing Automation Platform) and Your
CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

ORM integrates easily to connect sales opportunities with people engaged with your marketing.

Historical Reporting – No Cookie Required

ORM data mines your MAP to analyze and report on marketing engagement.

This gives you historical marketing performance reporting right out of the box without adding more JavaScript to your website.

Reporting for Marketers –
Understood by Your Board

The goal of measuring marketing performance it to improve marketing’s contribution to the business, not produce board charts.

ORM’s Optimized Marketing picks up the nuance marketers need to improve their outcomes, while creating easy-to-share reports for board presentation.

No more days lost preparing board charts when you can pull analysis and charts directly from ORM.

Multi-Touch Attribution Reporting

ORM provides a weighted, account-based, multi-touch attribution model, so

you can measure every touch on an account and know which ones created an opportunity and which of those opportunities closed.

Stop wasting time on marketing sourced vs sales sourced – where the lead came from doesn’t matter, but how they engaged with you

Attribution is not the end-game, but a building block to predictive and prescriptive analysis.

Know Your Marketing ROI

Pair your attribution with your cost data to know your true marketing ROI by campaign and channel.

If you don’t have good cost data, don’t worry. ORM has a 3-step cost algorithm that helps you measure the cost of each marketing campaign.

Optimized Marketing Plans

Maximize your contribution to sales based on how many marketers you have and your budget.

ORM’s Optimized Marketing plans use Mathematical Optimization to tell you what marketing tactics to use and when – all to maximize your impact on sales.

These optimization models are customizable and comparable. You can run what-if scenarios and pick the best plan for your business.

Imagine seeing what you could accomplish with $1M more in your budget?


ORM seamlessly integrates with their data – ORM fits their data, they don’t have to make their data fit into ORM. 



  • Priorized Net-New Account Targets
  • Top Cross-Sell Account by Product
  • Early Warning for At-Risk Renewals
  • Propensity to Buy Analysis
  • Account-Based Sales Playbook
  • Account Assignment by Sales Rep
  • Robust Reporting Platform


  • Multi-Touch Revenue Attribution
  • Marketing Cost Analysis and ROI
  • Marketing Performance Analytics
  • Marketing Funnel Forecast
  • Optimized Marketing Mix
  • Powerful What-if Analysis
  • Robust Reporting Platform


  • Fully Reconcile Bookings to Revenue
  • Clear MRR and ARR Reporting
  • Understand Customer Churn
  • Analyze Net and Gross Revenue Retention
  • Accurate Revenue Forecasting
  • Sales Channel Performance Analysis
  • Robust Reporting Platform