Sales Operations



  • Baseline KPIs then measure through time by segment
  • Standardize reporting
  • Customer metrics analysis (MRR & Churn)
  • Pipeline/Funnel health
  • Sales velocity, win rate, deal size
  • Measure sales rep performance & quota attainment
  • Evaluate product penetration by customer
  • Marketing campaign performance
  • Marketing influence on pipeline and revenue


  • Forecast MRR/ARR
  • Forecast future customer value
  • Identify at-risk for churn customers
  • Predict which customers have the highest propensity to buy another product
  • Predict which prospects have the highest propensity to buy a new product
  • Forecast marketing influenced pipeline (how much of the funnel will convert to qualified deals)
  • Forecasts are recorded and accuracy is published


  • Prescribe an optimal sales force design to achieve revenue goals
  • Know what sales positions to hire and when to hire them
  • Recommend sales territory alignment plan
  • Recommend an optimal marketing investment strategy to maximize impact on revenue.
  • Know how much pipeline sales and marketing each need to contribute in order to high future revenue goals.

Accurate Sales Forecasting

Know how your quarter will end before it begins

ORM delivers accurate sales forecasts on the first day of the quarter because we use both your existing pipeline and your run rate on new deals.

Know Which Deals Will Win and Which Deals Won’t

Use advanced Machine Learning to predict the deals that will close this quarter, which deals will slip, and which are destined to lose.

Robust Reporting on the Things You Care About

Reporting through time is finally made easy. Now you can evaluate how your KPIs are changing.

Analyze and report on sales performance by person, sales team, territory, region, or product.

Quick filters allow you to know where your sales team is winning and where they need coaching.

Build your QBR (Quarterly Business Review) slides with ease using ORM’s reports and charts.

Pipeline Change Reporting

Want to know how much pipeline carried over, how much got pushed or pulled, and how much changed due to price?

Now you can quickly reconcile your pipeline through time.

Operational Sales Planning Made Easy

Grow your sales team at just the right time.

Measure sales ramp rates to know how long it takes to get a new rep up to full capacity.

And assign accounts based on which prospects and customers have a higher likelihood to buy.

Machine Learning Propensity to Buy

Know which prospects will buy from you.

Which customers will buy other products from you

And which customers are at risk of churn.