Optimized Target Accounts


Strategic Net-New Targets

ORM’s machine learning algorithms predict with prospects will buy from you.

Using demographic, firmographic, and behavioral data ORM can predict the propensity of each prospect to buy from your and also know what product they are likely to buy.

Easy ABM list – Marketers have their ABM list.

Outbound plays made easy for your sales team.

Strategic Cross-Sell Targets

Know which of your customers will buy another product from you and which product they will buy.

ORM connects to you MAP, CRM, and product data to know which customers are engaging with your marketing and your product.

Data signals are fed into ORM’s Machine Learning algorithms to create propensity to buy scores – which identify your target accounts.

Strategic Non-Renewal Targets

Early warning on which accounts will churn so you can proactively engage them.

ORM’s machine learning algorithms take signals from your customers’ engagement with your product, trouble tickets, firmographic, and marketing engagement to predict who is at risk for churn.

Engaging at-risk account early is the easiest way to reduce churn and boost ARR.