Optimized Sales


Analyzing and acting on the smallest details can propel your team to reach bigger sales goals.

ORM is the only Predictive Revenue Analytics platform that connects data from across your go-to-market systems to analyze sales performance, predict pipeline and which deals will win and lose, and prescribe your optimal next action.

Accurate Pipeline Forecasts –
Show You How Your Quarter Will End

Finally, an accurate sales forecast on the first day of the quarter, all the way through to the last day of the quarter.

ORM’s pipeline forecast uses signals from your CRM to predict your quarter based on the deals in your pipeline, and even ones that haven’t shown up yet.

Weekly forecasts are tracked so you know where your forecast stands against last week and your goal.

The forecasting algorithm is trained on your data to ensure it is accurate for your business.

And each forecast is monitored and backed by our data science team – if the forecast goes astray, our team tweaks the algorithm for your business.

Know Which Deal Will Win

ORM’s machine learning algorithm detects which deals will win this quarter and which are at risk – all by reading and creating signals from your CRM.

So you can spend your time on deals you can win and avoid wasting time on anything less.

Robust Reporting

A full suite of reporting makes it easy to know how your business is performing.

Measure your business through time.

Downloadable and exportable reports make it easy to include your QBRs.

Stop exporting everything to a spreadsheet and no more relying on pivot tables.

Sales Team Performance

Know how your sales team is performing against their quota based on their position and tenure.

Measure your team against their peers.

Know who will hit their quota and who will miss.

Make your team more effective by identifying early who needs coaching.

Know Your Sales Ramp Rates

Sales ramp rates are long, especially in B2B software sales – you need to manage to your specific sales ramps.

ORM measures every salesperson against their full-quota and adjusts for tenure.

With full reporting on ramp rate by position, you’ll know how long it takes for a new rep to become fully effective.

Optimize Sales Resource Plan

Hit your revenue goals at the minimum cost by hiring the right people at the right time.

ORM uses mathematical optimization to determine your optimal sales resource plan.

Know which positions to hire and when.

If you can’t hire any more, know your exact quota coverage so you can predict your future bookings and revenue.


ORM seamlessly integrates with their data – ORM fits their data, they don’t have to make their data fit into ORM. 



  • Priorized Net-New Account Targets
  • Top Cross-Sell Account by Product
  • Early Warning for At-Risk Renewals
  • Propensity to Buy Analysis
  • Account-Based Sales Playbook
  • Account Assignment by Sales Rep
  • Robust Reporting Platform


  • Accurate Pipeline Forecasts
  • Opportunity Win/Loss Forecasts
  • Sales Performance Analytics
  • Sales Ramp Rate Analysis
  • Optimized Sales Resource Plans
  • Powerful What-if Analysis
  • Robust Reporting Platform


  • Fully Reconcile Bookings to Revenue
  • Clear MRR and ARR Reporting
  • Understand Customer Churn
  • Analyze Net and Gross Revenue Retention
  • Accurate Revenue Forecasting
  • Sales Channel Performance Analysis
  • Robust Reporting Platform