Marketing Operations


Stop using pivot tables.
Make your marketing reporting easy.

ORM makes it easy to see which marketing campaigns are working and which ones are falling

You’ll see how your campaigns are performing today – and how your performance is changing through time.

No more pulling data from multiple systems, jamming it all together in a spreadsheet, and hoping your pivot tables don’t break.

Build your QBR (Quarterly Business Review) slides with ease using ORM’s reports and charts.


Independent Lead-to-Account Matching

Remember that time your sales counterpart forgot to convert a lead to a contact with an opportunity? Yeah, we do too!

So ORM created a 5-step algorithm to independently match opportunities in your CRM to people in your marketing automation system.

Now you’ll know which people on each account influences the opportunity.

Know which marketing campaigns are working

ORM‘s account-based, Multi-Touch Marketing Attribution model is based on who actually influenced the opportunity – not just the lead source.

And our attribution model is flexible to meet your team’s needs. Whether you want a weighted, linear, or machine-learning based attribution method, ORM has you covered.

Measure Marketing ROI

Attribution is just the start – to really know what worked, we pair it with cost to measure marketing ROI.

ORM even has a handy 3-step cost algorithm to help you measure the cost of each marketing campaign, with clear reporting you can share with your finance team to demonstrate marketing contribution to revenue and marketing ROI.

What would you do with $1M more in marketing spend?

Let’s game it out. Our Optimized Marketing Mix models use your own marketing performance data to prescribe which marketing tactic to use next.

These strategic models even tell you when to invest in a tactic to maximize your contribution to sales.

You can even change your plan assumptions based on how many marketers you have and your campaign budget – then measure the impact.