Demand Generation


What marketing tactics are driving your pipeline?

ORM’s easy reporting tells you which marketing tactics drive new leads and new pipeline.

Our account-level multi-touch attribution makes it easy to see what’s working and what’s not.

Which integrated marketing campaigns boost your revenue?

Using multiple tactics as part of an integrated marketing campaign, you can measure the lift on your business in terms of pipeline and revenue.

ORM is able to show you the full impact of an event, product launch, or abm campaign by grouping tactics and programs into an integrated marketing campaign.

Measure your contribution to the business in terms of ROI

With ORM’s cost algorithm, you’ll see the cost of every tactic for a true measure of your marketing ROI.

It’s visible proof that marketing is a revenue-generating function.

Base your marketing strategy around tactics worth investing in and knowing when to invest in them.

ORM’s Optimized Marketing Mix gives you the ability to build and compare multiple scenarios, before deciding which is best for your team.

That helps you increase revenue for your business, while maintaining an ideal balance between your investment in people and your campaign.

Clean reporting allows your team
to build a better marketing story.