Social Lead Scoring – Get a Quick Win

Behavior Scoring and Measuring Leads
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There are 2.8 Billion active social media users worldwide. 2.8 Billion! That is 8.7 times the population of the United States. How does social media behavior play into your lead scoring strategy? We have all heard, if you are not leveraging social media you are losing to your competition, but if you are not using social behavior in lead scoring you are missing easy wins.

This blog post highlights how to get a quick win by using social behavior as a part of lead scoring.

Social media is where your prospects and customers communicate with each other. Are you listening to what they’re saying? If you want to engage your prospect and customers in a meaningful way, you must first listen. Online conversations often contain information that tells you where a person is on their buying journey.

While developing a comprehensive social media strategy can be a big task, you can start small by including social behavior as part of a lead’s behavior score. As long as you can capture social media activity in your marketing automation platform, you can score it. Some marketing automation platforms do this natively, but for others, you will need a third-party application. Some of these applications are Hootsuite, Oktopost, and Percolate.

Since social scoring is part of behavior scoring you can follow our previously defined framework and score actions as Critical, Important, Influencing, and Undesirable.

Critical (10-15 Points)

  1. Explicitly states they are ready to buy a product that you offer.
  2. Expresses a business challenge that you help solve.
  3. Mentions your company or product with positive sentiment.
  4. Uses key terms that align with your product offering.

Important (5-9 Points)

  1. Retweets, likes, or share your content with comments.
  2. Uses key terms that align with your company.
  3. Follows your company, or company leadership.

Influencing (1-4 Points)

  1. Retweets, likes, or shares your content without comment.
  2. Follows industry thought leaders.
  3. Uses key terms that align with conferences or events related to your industry.

Undesirable (-10 Points)

  1. Mentions your company or product with negative sentiment.
  2. Explicitly states they have recently purchased from a direct competitor.

You are now ready to start scoring your leads based on social behavior. At ORM we specialize in marketing analytics including lead scoring and revenue attribution. If you have questions or have some ideas you would like to discuss, please let us know at

For more information on lead scoring, our white paper on creating an Effective Lead Scoring Model details how to use social, behavioral, demographic, and account scores to obtain a full picture of your leads.