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five common utm code mistakes
Five Common UTM Tracking Parameter Mistakes
560 315 Pete Furseth

So, you just discovered UTM tracking parameters and want to use them immediately. Wait a minute though. First, check out our previous post on the Best Practices for…

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Marketing Program Multipliers with Advanced Analytics
466 258 Pete Furseth

Combine the right marketing programs to boost your marketing returns. Association rules, an advanced analytics technique, will uncover these combinations.

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Martech ROI: Your Martech relationship is not based on LOVE
768 265 ORM Technologies

When it comes to the marketing technology you use, you need to have standards and goals. It’s almost like you have a relationship with your Martech stack. You…

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Martech Stack
Your Martech Stack is Built Like a House
800 532 ORM Technologies

Marketing operations have changed dramatically in the last several years. The Marketing Technology Stack (which has been appropriately shortened to “Martech stack”) now dominates time and investment for…

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