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10 Quick Tips for Sales Analytics
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We all know that having sales analytics is important, but are you sure they’re applied properly? We’ve compiled a list of quick tips that will help you understand…

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Sales Budgets Simplified – Turnover and Ramp Time
454 299 Pete Furseth

Don’t Be Surprised by Your Sales Budgets Some people like surprises, some people don’t. Sales budgets, on the other hand, never like them. Annual planning leaves you wide…

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Sales Operations Metrics
22 Must-Have Sales Operations Metrics
1024 635 Pete Furseth

Role of Sales Operations Every sales operations professional knows that data matters. The problem is, you’re not sure which data matter or who they matter to. We share…

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Sales Efficiency Ramp Rates – How much should you invest in improving them?
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Salespeoples’ Efficiency In a recent blog post, we covered how to measure the efficiency of your salespeople. Knowing this information is critical to ensure you are adequately resourced to achieve…

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Sales Efficiency – what should you really expect from your team?
590 432 Pete Furseth

At ORM we recommend the following approach to determine your sales efficiency. We evaluate the sales efficiency by salesperson, sales position, territory, and month for at least a two year period.

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