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How Effective are my Marketing Campaigns?
886 633 ORM Technologies

How do we define effective? As marketers, we need to have the answers to many questions. A big question that we often answer is, how effective are my…

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best practices for utm codes
Best Practices for UTM Parameters
560 315 Pete Furseth

How do you know your marketing campaigns are driving sales and customer engagement? Furthermore, how do you know which ones are doing the driving? Marketers understand the objective…

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seven signs optimization on a sign
Seven Signs You Need Optimization
560 315 Pete Furseth

Optimization sounds intimidating. It sounds fancy. It sounds expensive. In reality, optimization simply enhances business practices’ abilities to grow and increase revenue potential more efficiently and effectively. Optimization…

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marketing budget tv
Do You Want to Play a Game? Perfecting Your Marketing Budget
854 569 Pete Furseth

The Game of the Marketing Budget Do you want to play a game? If you’ve ever seen any of the Saw movies, your answer should be a resounding…

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Sales and Marketing Data Analytics
Sales & Marketing Data Analytics – Are You “Best-In-Class”?
786 514 John Ryan

Data analytics is a strategic priority for the C-suite. Learn what it takes to be best-in-class by leveraging the power of your sales and marketing data.

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What Are Optimized Analytics?
1024 682 Pete Furseth

There is a lot of buzz around big data and data analytics. Typically these terms imply that someone, or some computer, is trying to detect patterns in, or…

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Optimization – Marketing Mix
1024 709 Pete Furseth

If you have a marketing automation platform, or a disciplined way to track your marketing programs, then you have enough data to optimize your marketing program mix. The optimal marketing mix refers to how to best spread your marketing investment to increase conversion rates to qualified leads and won deals, which ultimately drive revenue.

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