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How Effective are my Marketing Campaigns?
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How do we define effective? As marketers, we need to have the answers to many questions. A big question that we often answer is, how effective are my…

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best practices for utm codes
Best Practices for UTM Parameters
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How do you know your marketing campaigns are driving sales and customer engagement? Furthermore, how do you know which ones are doing the driving? Marketers understand the objective…

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quarterly business review
6 Metrics to Review in Your QBR
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We’re approaching the end of the year and of the fourth quarter. Start preparing for your quarterly business review now and lookout for a few things. Expectations and…

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Sales Operations Metrics
22 Must-Have Sales Operations Metrics
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Role of Sales Operations Every sales operations professional knows that data matters. The problem is, you’re not sure which data matter or who they matter to. We share…

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