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How Effective are my Marketing Campaigns?
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How do we define effective? As marketers, we need to have the answers to many questions. A big question that we often answer is, how effective are my…

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five common utm code mistakes
Five Common UTM Tracking Parameter Mistakes
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So, you just discovered UTM tracking parameters and want to use them immediately. Wait a minute though. First, check out our previous post on the Best Practices for…

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best practices for utm codes
Best Practices for UTM Parameters
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How do you know your marketing campaigns are driving sales and customer engagement? Furthermore, how do you know which ones are doing the driving? Marketers understand the objective…

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sales analytics
10 Quick Tips for Sales Analytics
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We all know that having sales analytics is important, but are you sure they’re applied properly? We’ve compiled a list of quick tips that will help you understand…

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data-driven marketer
3 Ways to be a Data-Driven Marketer
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Our world functions under constant information overload. As a marketer, you’ve never had more data at your fingertips. There’s no telling what’s left or right, and up or…

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CFO Marketing Metrics
6 Critical Marketing Metrics Every CFO Should Know
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Marketing Is an Investment As a CFO, you want to ensure that marketing investments lead to incremental revenue. That’s when your role to measure marketing comes in. However,…

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Marketing Program Multipliers with Advanced Analytics
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Combine the right marketing programs to boost your marketing returns. Association rules, an advanced analytics technique, will uncover these combinations.

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Sales Operations Metrics
22 Must-Have Sales Operations Metrics
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Role of Sales Operations Every sales operations professional knows that data matters. The problem is, you’re not sure which data matter or who they matter to. We share…

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Sales and Marketing Data Analytics
Sales & Marketing Data Analytics – Are You “Best-In-Class”?
786 514 John Ryan

Data analytics is a strategic priority for the C-suite. Learn what it takes to be best-in-class by leveraging the power of your sales and marketing data.

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