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Capitalizing on Marketing Analytics in B2B Marketing
1024 683 Pete Furseth

A deep delve into bolstering ROI with marketing analytics in B2B campaigns In the fast-paced world of B2B marketing, creating a unique advantage can seem like a daunting…

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Sales Forecasting & Predictive Analytics
440 293 Pete Furseth

This blog post will share five attributes you can use to help predict which deals will win and which will lose.

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How Effective are my Marketing Campaigns?
886 633 ORM Technologies

How do we define effective? As marketers, we need to have the answers to many questions. A big question that we often answer is, how effective are my…

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five common utm code mistakes
Five Common UTM Tracking Parameter Mistakes
560 315 Pete Furseth

So, you just discovered UTM tracking parameters and want to use them immediately. Wait a minute though. First, check out our previous post on the Best Practices for…

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best practices for utm codes
Best Practices for UTM Parameters
560 315 Pete Furseth

How do you know your marketing campaigns are driving sales and customer engagement? Furthermore, how do you know which ones are doing the driving? Marketers understand the objective…

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seven signs optimization on a sign
Seven Signs You Need Optimization
560 315 Pete Furseth

Optimization sounds intimidating. It sounds fancy. It sounds expensive. In reality, optimization simply enhances business practices’ abilities to grow and increase revenue potential more efficiently and effectively. Optimization…

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marketing analytics
The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Marketing Analytics
560 315 Pete Furseth

The problem with marketing is perception. People perceive it as a field that relies only on creativity, gut-feeling, and intuition. However, marketing analytics provide us with perfectly reasoned…

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sales analytics
10 Quick Tips for Sales Analytics
560 315 Pete Furseth

We all know that having sales analytics is important, but are you sure they’re applied properly? We’ve compiled a list of quick tips that will help you understand…

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CFO Marketing Metrics
6 Critical Marketing Metrics Every CFO Should Know
640 267 Pete Furseth

Marketing Is an Investment As a CFO, you want to ensure that marketing investments lead to incremental revenue. That’s when your role to measure marketing comes in. However,…

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Marketing Program Multipliers with Advanced Analytics
466 258 Pete Furseth

Combine the right marketing programs to boost your marketing returns. Association rules, an advanced analytics technique, will uncover these combinations.

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Sales Operations Metrics
22 Must-Have Sales Operations Metrics
1024 635 Pete Furseth

Role of Sales Operations Every sales operations professional knows that data matters. The problem is, you’re not sure which data matter or who they matter to. We share…

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Are Anti-malware Scanners Causing Spikes in Your MQLs?
1024 768 ORM Technologies

Have you noticed a spike in your MQLs recently? We certainly did. Examination of millions of lead activities led to one explanation: anti-malware scanners.

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Sales and Marketing Data Analytics
Sales & Marketing Data Analytics – Are You “Best-In-Class”?
786 514 John Ryan

Data analytics is a strategic priority for the C-suite. Learn what it takes to be best-in-class by leveraging the power of your sales and marketing data.

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How to Best Measure Marketing Conversion Rates
1024 576 Pete Furseth

As marketers, we measure conversion rates. Some argue that it is the most important metric that we track. We measure marketing conversion rates by channel, by segment, and through…

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What Are Optimized Analytics?
1024 682 Pete Furseth

There is a lot of buzz around big data and data analytics. Typically these terms imply that someone, or some computer, is trying to detect patterns in, or…

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Why You Missed Your Sales Forecast
440 293 Pete Furseth

The Quarter Ended – How was your forecast? During the first week of every quarter, sales leaders huddle together to make a sales forecast for the next three…

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12 Critical Sales Metrics for CFOs
1024 678 Pete Furseth

To increase your confidence and mitigate risk from your sales forecast, you need an automated way to track these 12 key metrics.

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