Optimization: Choosing the best Direction
Optimal GPS Directions vs Sales Optimization – If your GPS gives you the “best” route home, will you take it?
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The technology we rely upon to pick our most efficient route home can also help us in our jobs. Specifically, this blog post focuses on how you can use this technology to optimize your sales resource planning.

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Gears of Machine Learning
How to Use Machine Learning to Value Your Sales Funnel
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Data sciences are applied to many industries, but there is a notable lack of adoption among sales organizations. Despite the fact that sales forecasting often tops sales leader’s list of challenges, these predictive analytics techniques have not taken hold.

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5 Tips to Align Sales and Marketing
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In high-growth companies your goal is to achieve sustainable revenue growth. To do this you need to attract new customer and grow the relationship with your existing customers. Everything that the sales and marketing teams do must align to achieve this goal.

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sale resource planning
Optimization – Sales Resource Plan
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The goal of an optimal sales resource plan is to achieve your revenue goals while minimizing your sales cost. The result is a plan that tells you how to grow your sales team at the minimum cost, or how much additional revenue to expect from your existing team.

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Optimization Button
Optimization – The Secret to Increasing Revenue
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Optimization is simply about finding the best way forward for your business. It is a tool you can use to increase revenue without additional investment, or decrease cost while still achieving your goals.

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Sales Efficiency Ramp Rates – How much should you invest in improving them?
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Salespeoples’ Efficiency In a recent blog post, we covered how to measure the efficiency of your salespeople. Knowing this information is critical to ensure you are adequately resourced to achieve…

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Sales Efficiency – what should you really expect from your team?
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At ORM we recommend the following approach to determine your sales efficiency. We evaluate the sales efficiency by salesperson, sales position, territory, and month for at least a two year period.

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How to Pick a Sales Analytics Platform
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If you’re looking for a sales analytics platform the best method to ensure you end up with something that lets you make predictive forecasts is by looking for these things.

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Annual Sales Planning – What is it costing your business?
Pete Furseth

Very few companies realize that this annual process could be costing their company 4% – 5% of additional expense. For a mid-sized company, with $70M – $90M in revenue, this can amount to $2M over two years.

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Sales Ramp Rates
What is Your Sales Ramp Rate?
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What are sales ramp rates? Why should I care about them? How do I use them? This article explores each of these questions.

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Indiana takes the shot
Significant Challenges in Annual Revenue Planning for a VP of Sales
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It’s that time of year again! Senior marketing and sales operations executives are reeling from the top-down delivery of audacious company goals. If this is you, you’re probably…

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Sales Turnover
3 Hidden Costs of Sales Team Turnover
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Have you ever tried to figure out the true cost of turnover in your sales team? Consider these three hidden costs and tips to reduce them.

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