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How Effective are my Marketing Campaigns?
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How do we define effective? As marketers, we need to have the answers to many questions. A big question that we often answer is, how effective are my…

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Are Anti-malware Scanners Causing Spikes in Your MQLs?
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Have you noticed a spike in your MQLs recently? We certainly did. Examination of millions of lead activities led to one explanation: anti-malware scanners.

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Martech ROI: Your Martech relationship is not based on LOVE
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When it comes to the marketing technology you use, you need to have standards and goals. It’s almost like you have a relationship with your Martech stack. You…

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Martech Stack
Your Martech Stack is Built Like a House
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Marketing operations have changed dramatically in the last several years. The Marketing Technology Stack (which has been appropriately shortened to “Martech stack”) now dominates time and investment for…

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Indiana takes the shot
Significant Challenges in Annual Revenue Planning for a VP of Sales
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It’s that time of year again! Senior marketing and sales operations executives are reeling from the top-down delivery of audacious company goals. If this is you, you’re probably…

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